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Order Your Mexican Today!

Posted: April 19, 2010 by Alma in comedy, food, funny, WTF
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As I sat at work, eating my lunch today, I read my El Pollo Loco cup: “Flame-Grilled Mexican Chicken.” Really? So you mean to tell me that ALL the chicken being served at El Pollo Loco are born and raised in Mexico or are of Mexican decent? (more…)


This is another one of those things that you can write an essay on, but I’m going to attempt to minimize that and give you the basics: people that don’t know basic rules of driving a vehicle. (more…)

WTF: People Who Take Two Parking Spots

Posted: April 12, 2010 by Brian in comedy, funny, WTF
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I know we’ve all experienced this, and if you haven’t, you best knock on wood.  You’re looking for a parking and you see a vacant spot up ahead.  You speed up hoping to beat any other potential takers only to realize that there’s this asshole taking up two parking spots for his/her car.  Most of the time, the car is nothing like the car in the picture above, yet it doesn’t yield the privilege to do such a stupid thing.  Most of the time, if  I can positively fit in the slice of spot that the driver has left, I will just to piss this person off.  WTF to you, two-parking-spot-taker.

WTF: Over-sagging

Posted: April 9, 2010 by Brian in comedy, funny, WTF
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Yeah, I know sagging has been a part of street/urban culture but I think its gotten crazy lately.  Not only have I witnessed the normal sagging of pants, but damn!  I’ve seen dudes not only wearing their jeans down to teh bottom of their ass-line, but then they’re wearing shorts under that, and THEN boxers.  I mean, WTF.  How about — yeah, see I can’t even make a proper suggestion as to what to replace this with.  This is a trend that needs to find grave to lay in.  I honestly never could get into this.  It pisses me off when I forget a belt and my pants start dragging.  A big WTF to sagging.  WTF Saggers…

WTF: Gag Reflex

Posted: April 7, 2010 by Brian in comedy, funny, WTF
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A big  ‘WTF’ salute to the gag reflex that occurs when you brush your tongue.  Why can’t it just let me brush in peace instead of causing me to gag making that weird noise and my eyes water.  I just want a clean tongue dammit…

WTF: Shoe Sizes

Posted: April 6, 2010 by Brian in comedy, funny, WTF
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You know, I’ve always wondered this, especially when I go out to get a new pair of kicks.  Why the f*ck, on God’s green Earth, can’t all the shoe companies agree on some kind of Universal Shoe Size Chart so that a Size-11 Vans, will fit just as snug as a Size-11 Converse?  Why the hell am I a size 11 1/2 in Nike, a size-11 in New Balance and a size-10 in Doc Martin’s?  One time, I went out to buy some Bert and Earnie New Balance shoes for my son, and the girl asked me what size, and then stated that “they run small”.  Well, compared to what?  They run small or big depending on the comparison.  See how unnecessarily confusing this can get?  Come to think of it, the same problem exists with clothing as well.  WTF, people. WTF… Enough said, all you shoemakers need to stop messing around and focus on making everyone’s shoes the same sizes.  That should save a decent amount of time spent returning wrongly-sized shoes…  WTF…

WTF!? Fake Hobos

Posted: April 2, 2010 by Brian in comedy, funny, Homeless, WTF
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One of the very first posts on MiYM was a piece called “Counterfeit Hobo”(Search ‘Counterfeit Hobo’ in the box on the right).  It was about a lady who was faking to be homeless in order to get food and/or money from motorists exiting a freeway.  This still continues to baffle me as I see more and more people doing this.  Is the economy that bad?  Really?  Today, I was approached by a lady, maybe middle-eastern, asking for money in a Target parking lot… in Lakewood.  Lakewood, CA is not one of the financially deprived areas in SoCal.  It would have been more believable, I guess, if the lady wasn’t wearing designer clothes and Gucci sunglasses.  On top of all that nonsense, she was dragging her 5-year old daughter around with her, as if for a little sympathy, which also happened to be dressed up real nice.  I am a giver, in more than one way 😉 , and I usually give to those who look like they really need it, but I won’t stand for this kind of shit.  WTF people…