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Time Travel. A notion most people don’t take seriously mainly because Marty McFly made it look fun in his hypothetical little world, with his self-tying Nike’s and Hover Skateboards. But is the idea of time-travel actually possible? (more…)


If the asthma doesn’t get me first, touchscreen keyboards will be the death of me if OS developers don’t do something about this real soon. (more…)

WTF: Weather Forecasts

Posted: April 21, 2010 by Brian in comedy, funny, Technology, TV
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You know, for ages, as far back as I can remember anyway, Weather Forecasts were never any help when trying to decided what to wear for the day.  I look out the window, no rain in site nor in the forecast.  Sure enough, later in the day, after I’ve decided to wear shorts and and tee, the clouds make sure I don’t have a dry spot on my body since I didn’t bother bringing an umbrella with me.  What I don’t understand is why there isn’t proper funding for a proper weather forecast system.  Doppler was introduced a few years back.  Any improvement?  NOPE.  We can send a couple of sibling rovers to our neighboring planet, over a million miles away and properly control them and interact with them, but we can’t tell if it’s going to rain later today??  Just yesterday in California, we were expecting rain (I guess), and three different sources gave 20% chance of “percipitation”, 40% chance, and 60% chance.  See my predicament.  Do I go with the 20% chance prediction and disregard any real concern, or do I take my chances with the 60% chance prediction and bundle up.  Come on people.  Can someone please pony-up some cash so that we can get a better system, that will actually work!? WTF…

So the story goes, according to, someone found the new phone at a bar, they took it home disassembled it and it turned out to be the new iPhone.  Prototype maybe?  It looks to me like they took a step back in design but hey, to each his own.  Enjoy!

Also, check out the Gallery for more pics, and the strong-worded letter from Apple asking Gizmodo to return the “unit”, making sure not to officially call it the next iPhone.  Clever folks at Apple.

An Apology, a Promise, and a New Discovery

Posted: April 18, 2010 by ultimoangel in Technology
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This goes out to those awesome MIYM readers.

Angel Valdez signing on again for the first time in about a few months and I must say sorry for not posting anything in quite some time (which is stupid of me considering many things have happened lately which are pretty appropriate to blog about).  So I post this blog to apologize to y’all for not having written an entry in quite a while and to make a promise to be more active… … … Ready for it? I’m sorry. (more…)

iPhone’s OS 4.0 Details

Posted: April 8, 2010 by Brian in Technology
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With over 100 new user features, you iPhone users may want to start saving up for your new iPhone, because not all features will be available on the 3G and below. OS 4.0 is set to release this summer.  Here are some helpful links for ya from (more…)

…Topeka!?  Yeah, that’s right.  According to Google’s Topeka’s official blog, GoogleBlog, the company in an attempt to honor the city of Topeka, is now changing its name.  The reason to honor Topeka, Kansas you ask?  Well, simply because the mayor of Topeka officially changed the city’s name to Google.  At the moment, is still accessed through the URL, and there wasn’t any information regarding the use of a new URL.  So in the meantime, if you ever need to Google Topeka someone or something, you can still use