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Time Travel. A notion most people don’t take seriously mainly because Marty McFly made it look fun in his hypothetical little world, with his self-tying Nike’s and Hover Skateboards. But is the idea of time-travel actually possible? (more…)


Is this really all we have to look forward to? (more…)

Can’t say I didn’t tell you so…well, sort of. Last Friday’s Movie-Round-Up Title went to The Joneses, which left KICK-ASS, not in second place, but in third after the Death at a Funeral remake.  Over the weekend, the most anticipated movie of the weekend, KICK-ASS, couldn’t even take the top spot away from four-week old, How To Train Your Dragon, which made $20 Million.  That means KICK-ASS, couldn’t even break the $20 million mark?  I was definitely not surprised.  Looks let at‘s” Top 5 Reasons why KICK-ASS Failed at the Box Office”, shall we? (more…)

Danny Glover, Martin Lawrence and Tracy Morgan in Screen Gems' Death at a Funeral (2010)kick ass movie

This week KICK-ASS‘s slew of unlikely superheroes comes to the big screen, while Death at a Funeral, unites some of the funniest actors in a film about an American family come together to put a beloved husband and father to rest.  The underdog this week, The Joneses, has a great story behind it being pushed by talented actors. (more…)

Date Night

Clash of the Titans’ short-lived #1 spot at the movies ended last night when Date Night took over bringing in over $27 million.  Pretty decent for a movie that wasn’t hyped much.  Tina Fey and Steve Carell are an unstoppable force off screen, so it comes as no surprise that they were able to pull these kinds of numbers.   (more…)

Only a few films worth mentioning this week.  Two of which are major releases and one independent.  Yet, only one will take the MiYM Movie Pick of the Week title. (more…)