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To Weed or Not To Weed? That is the question

Posted: October 24, 2009 by Brian in Marijuana, Medical

Well, now that I’ve had my eight hours of sleep, I’ll continue on to another subject that’s been in recent headlines. Medical Marijuana and the dispensaries who claim are not for profit but that City Atty. Tutanich and LA County D.A. Cooley will disagree with. As a former indulger of the Marijuana, I would probably agree and side with the dispensaries IF I hadn’t already had an inside look for myself.

On the route, I have delivered to a couple dispensaries, one that I deliver to on a regular basis. And I’ll tell you what, there has GOT to be more going on in there than it’s intended purpose. The staff at this place are always “on medication” and walking through this place is like walking through a foggy swamp. Smoke running through the place as if something were on fire. I’ve also had the pleasure of interacting with the staff and came up on stumbled words and unfinished sentences. It’s hilarious to see these people try, and try really hard to not look high. When I walk out of these places you best believe I’m walking out with the meanest contact high known to man.

In these places they sell more than just the “weed”. They sell Weed Juice, Weed Pills, Weed Energy Drinks. Only things that a pothead would come up with. I could only imagine the thought process behind these products. “OH shit! Les make some Juice and put some Weed in it! Awww, yeah!” You can’t blame ’em for trying.

So once again, I’m not against Medical Marijuana and the people who need it for (legitimate)medical purposes, but I’m not all for it. I’m especially not for having close to 1,100 dispensaries in the city. A poll completed by LA Times showed that 74% of voters were for Medical Marijuana, and only 54% wanted it legalized, regulated and taxed like alcohol. Those numbers HAVE to be wrong, because I’m sure that more than 54% of voters are potheads.

“Les make some juice and put some Weed in it! Awww, yeah!”

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