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Some people can do it, but for others its impossible.

Considering a member of the opposite sex a best friend, is it:

A. sexual attraction

B. emotional attraction

C. Both A and B




Time Travel. A notion most people don’t take seriously mainly because Marty McFly made it look fun in his hypothetical little world, with his self-tying Nike’s and Hover Skateboards. But is the idea of time-travel actually possible? (more…)

WTF, indeed.  Today’s WTF is sort of a special case, like the man that it is based upon. I love how Bean from the Kevin & Bean Morning Show on KROQ, chooses to disclose the most personal and disgusting details about his life on his little island.   (more…)

WTF: Brain-Freeze

Posted: April 26, 2010 by Brian in Medical, science, WTF
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Holy shit.  Just looking at the picture above makes me hurt.  Now that summer is just around the corner, I better touch on this subject a little before someone dies.  Lord knows I’ve been close to a brain-freeze death.  Let me explain… (more…)

MiYM Honors Mother Earth

Posted: April 21, 2010 by Brian in science


In honor of Earth Day, MiYM will not post anything new for Thursday in order to do our part in saving energy. Instead, enjoy this Earth Day inspired pic! Happy Earth Day!

File:Marijuana small.jpg

Smoking cannabis was prohibited almost 100 years ago in California but the Cannabis plant has been around for thousands of years, proving beneficial for everything from medicines to clothing. Let’s take a look back at the history of Mary Jane. (more…)

Over the weekend, the Toyota Grand Prix took over the downtown streets of Long Beach, California.  During the Grand Prix, certain celebrities come out to race for charity and this year was no different.  Keanu Reeves, the defending Celebrity Champion, returned to the track along with others like Adam Corolla, Adrien Brody, Tony Hawk, Brian Austin Green, Zachary Levi, and Jesse McCartney, to name a few.   (more…)