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The introduction of a new segment on MiYM is always a beautiful thing.  The “What Would Happen if…” Series is simply what the title states.  We think about how things would be if … blah blah blah.  You get my drift? Ya dig? Then let’s continue on with the first in the series:  What Would Happen if…  We take today’s music, took it back to the 80’s, and popped it into a ghetto blaster?  Don’t know what a ghetto blaster is? ::Sigh:: Come on people. (more…)


Over the weekend, the Toyota Grand Prix took over the downtown streets of Long Beach, California.  During the Grand Prix, certain celebrities come out to race for charity and this year was no different.  Keanu Reeves, the defending Celebrity Champion, returned to the track along with others like Adam Corolla, Adrien Brody, Tony Hawk, Brian Austin Green, Zachary Levi, and Jesse McCartney, to name a few.   (more…)

4.4 Magnitude
Most of us felt the 4.4 magnitude shaker early Tuesday morning, but Brian was not disturbed.  The wife woke me up with something about an earthquake but I dismissed her claims mostly due to the fact that I feel tremors like this in bed every night.  Now, now, get your mind out of the gutter.  I’m talking about the wife’s sleeping habits.  But that is neither here nor there.  The bed shook a bit and the house creaked and moaned.  That was the extent of it here in Long Beach, 21 miles away.  Not the case though closer to the epicenter.


Experts say we haven’t had this much rain since the downpours of 2005, but the worst is yet to come. Los Angeles’ foothills have been evacuated due to mud slides, and there has already been one death, a man killed by a fallen tree that crashed into his home while he was sleeping, all due to the torrential showers that recently slammed LA. But the worst is yet to come.

According to a weather expert, the “big hit” will be Wednesday and Thursday. Mayor Villaraigosa urges, “if you don’t have to be on the road, then why don’t you stay home”. Easier said than done. A lot of my fellow water men drive for a living. But great advice nonetheless.

Three days after the earthquake and people have barely begun seeing traces of International aid. The UN finally showed up in Port-au-Prince, handing out water and purification tablets but thousands have begun looting, scavenging for any food to eat, or things to sell. Its heart-wrenching to know that people are suffering right now, as all the supercountries take their time in getting these people help.

Two photographers for the Los Angeles Times documented the aftermath through their lenses. **Warning** Some of the photos may be graphic to some.,0,7123168.htmlstory

If you haven’t done so already, and you are able to, please donate to any of the organizations who are contributing to the rescue and relief efforts in Haiti. Remember, the easiest way to donate $10 is through your cell phone by texting HAITI to 90999.

Devastation: Haiti

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As most of us have heard by now, the island of Haiti was struck by a powerful 7.0 magnitude quake, tumbling over buildings and taking lives. At the moment the death toll is estimated at over 100,000 with more victims missing, and trapped under concrete rubble. They’re calling this the largest single loss of life in history. More than three times the amount of casualties on 9/11.

Haiti’s population was around the 9,000,000’s according to the Population Reference Bureau (, just a few hundred thousand less than the county of Los Angeles, CA. Although, 100,000 may not seem to impact a population this size on paper, the streets and residents affected by the quake can positively prove otherwise. People are walking the streets in complete confusion, mayhem everywhere.

Sophie Perez, country director for Care International, told

“People were screaming, crying, running. Everything was moving. I saw a building of nine floors collapse right in front of me. A bank collapsed. Even if a building isn’t totally destroyed, you can’t access the area because of the danger … we’re particularly worried about the children, because so many schools seem to have collapsed. In Haiti children go to school in the afternoon. Children were still in school when the earthquake hit, so there are many children trapped. It’s horrifying. The slums on the hills have also completely collapsed. We have heard of landslides, with entire communities being wiped out … there were eight aftershocks during the night and we woke up every time. My children are terrified. Everyone is terrified.”

I’m sure a lot of us feel that if we could go to Haiti to help, we would. Since most of us can not, please make an effort to donate to the Red Cross. People from around the globe helped out during our own disasters with 9/11, and Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. I think it may be time to show are gratitude by giving back.

How to Help:

By Phone: 1-800-RED CROSS

The easiest way to donate is through text (if supported by your mobile phone, standard txt charge applies), by simply texting the word HAITI to 90999. This will donate $10 directly to Red Cross for the Haiti relief and charge your phone bill automatically. You would have probably spent the $10 on something useless like ringtones, or wallpapers so you might as well let your money make a difference.

Text HAITI to 90999 to donate $10.

May God bless the families who are suffering and those victims of the quake.

Emergency!! Move Your Ass!!

Posted: October 25, 2009 by Brian in 911, Emergency

For some reason, people seem to have forgotten the basic rule that one
must follow when one sees, or hears a siren. That rule: Move to the

Yesterday, I experienced this type of ignorance–twice! The first time
was the worst. This guy was driving along his little Nissan Sentra as
an ambulance pulls up behind him. The ambulance continues to blare the
sirens, the guy does not move. The ambulance driver finally gives up on
the guy and announces on his loudspeaker to "move to the right". The man
looked confused as if he had no idea what to do. "Move to the right!",
the driver yelled again, frustrated. Finally, Mr. Sentra moves out of
the way and the ambulance goes on its merry (or not) way.

It seems to be a growing trend to just STOP where you are and not move
to the right when an emergency vehicle approaches.

Lesson: If u hear and/or see sirens, move your ass to the right.