What is Meat in Your Mouth?

For those who still look at the site and think, “Meat in Your Mouth? What the hell is that?” ,which is 95% of you, read on.  Some of you may think it has some sort of pornographic meaning–Wrong.  Others may think it’s a Food Blog–Wrong…well, not completely. Let us explain…

The Meat in Your Mouth Blog (MiYM) was started simply to tell funny stories. Specifically, stories that Ivan and Brian would talk about on their two-way radios while working on the route everyday as delivery drivers for a water company. They found that the stories they told each other would make them laugh hysterically and they kept visualizing how funny it would be if they could have their own radio show. After weeks of entertaining the idea, the two friends decided the next best thing to a radio show would be to blog about it. They were still able to tell their stories, without the expense and luck of being on the radio. MiYM was born and the first few blogs went up right away.  The name “Meat in Your Mouth” came from a conversation between the two drivers, in which one was asking for help, and the other refused to help unless the other guy bought him lunch from local fast-food joint Carl’s Jr., in which the driver responded with, “If that’s what it takes, I’ll put some meat in your mouth.”  Knowing how pornographic that had just sounded, both drivers busted up laughing and they had their name for their blog.   Now almost a year since it’s birth, MiYM is gearing up to broadcast the official MiYM Podcast, the original vision that the two water men had cooked up. Now, MiYM has grown to five contributors and is always looking for more creative minds.

We hope you have been enlightened as to what and who MiYM is. Continue enjoying our blog and our upcoming podcast which will soon be travelling through your eardrums, blessing them with the sweet sounds of genuinely entertaining product.


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