Opposite Sex BFF’s: Yay or Nay?

Posted: November 1, 2010 by Brian in funny, love, Psychology
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Some people can do it, but for others its impossible.

Considering a member of the opposite sex a best friend, is it:

A. sexual attraction

B. emotional attraction

C. Both A and B

It’s a little difficult to distinguish between those feelings that you should have for an opposite-sex friend and the feelings you have for a friend of the same sex.  At the same time, they are obviously much different.  I believe, as do many of you, that cross-gender friendships are not purely for emotional support or because he or she is a “nice person”.  I do believe that sexual attraction has a lot to do with these types of friendships.  If not right away, I think this type of relationship evolves into something more than innocent due to the fact that you get to know the person, and there seems to be very minimal amount of  ‘speed bumps’ to prevent you from doing so. In other words, every time you spend time with this person, there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot about them that really bothers you.  So the relationship continues to evolve into something more than just a friendship.  Although, for whatever reason, both parties at one point have decided or will decide that continuing beyond this greatest point of friendship, into a higher level, would not benefit either one of them and TA-DA! You have yourself a cross-gender friendship on your hands.  So what do you do from there?

From the male’s perspective, I’ll tell you right now. Most, if not all, men are stubborn, your’s truly included.  Most of us won’t take “No” for an answer right away and will continue to dissilusion ourselves with fantasies of actually being with someone like their new found chick BFF.  It’s like any relationship, though.  Think of your same-sex best friend. Don’t you like hanging out with him or her? You guys know each other’s moves.  Now imagine your BFF just happened to be an attractive person of the opposite sex, that just so happens to click with you.  How is that not temptation? Wouldn’t you be all over that? Almost literally?   

I want to get the woman’s perspective. Let’s see what she’s got to say about all this.



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