WTF: Leaving Minuscule Portions Left in The Fridge

Posted: April 28, 2010 by Brian in comedy, funny, WTF
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How many times have you been left in this spot, realizing whoever used the milk last left an unsubstantial amount of milk in the jug and never bothered saying a word to anyone about it? Not even enough for a shot.  W-T-F…

Most of the time, its not even about the lack of milk, or juice, or whatever was left in the fridge to evaporate into the Arm & Hammer soaked atmosphere of the refrigerator, but the sheer principal of leaving it there, EMPTY, in the first place.  The last user had to have noticed.  HAD to have noticed.  There is no POSSIBLE way anyone can not realize that they’ve just run out of milk. Why not pour the rest of it for yourself?  If that seems like too much work, then why not just pour the minuscule amounts down into the residual-lined walls of your sink drain, never to be regarded for again.  WHY must it be placed back into the fridge, so that the next guy can mistakenly pick the bottle up with such force, not realizing that they’re lifting a weightless bottle of milk, only to cause aggravation.  Toss it, drink it, spill it, bathe in it.  I don’t care what you do, but use the rest of that shit up!

  1. Hookedfishy says:

    Amen! Preach on B, preach on!!

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