WTF: Bean’s Exploding Belly-Button…

Posted: April 27, 2010 by Brian in comedy, death, Emergency, funny, ignorance, Medical, WTF
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WTF, indeed.  Today’s WTF is sort of a special case, like the man that it is based upon. I love how Bean from the Kevin & Bean Morning Show on KROQ, chooses to disclose the most personal and disgusting details about his life on his little island.  

There are certainly things that you don’t disclose to personal friends, let alone an audience of a syndicated radio show.  Bean, you asshole.  Quit being a dumb-ass and take this to the doctor.  The first caller that was on said that it was a hernia and that there would only be two microscopic incisions made to take care of this crap.  Sort of like when I got my vasectomy.  Trust me, you won’t feel a thing!  If a doctor when at my testicles and did his thang, and I didn’t even realize he was done or that he had started, for that matter, you are likely to have the same experience with a belly-button.  Please take that advice and do us all a favor.  Read Bean’s Story on Whu-Whu-Whu-WTF!

  1. stories says:

    That thing look really weird.

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