WTF: TouchScreen Keyboards

Posted: April 23, 2010 by Brian in comedy, funny, Technology, WTF
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If the asthma doesn’t get me first, touchscreen keyboards will be the death of me if OS developers don’t do something about this real soon. Whether you have a Palm, an iPhone, a myTouch, Droid, Blackberry, or any other phone that forces you to use this frustrating feature, you know exactly what I’m talking about.  The virtual keyboard on the screen is sensitive to any touch.  Therefore, if you’re typing on it, and accidentally touch anywhere else on the keyboard, it’ll add whatever you touched to your text.  On android phones, there’s a feature called ‘Swype’ , which allows the texter to simply swipe his finger across the keyboard to each letter in the word without lifting the finger in order to create words a little faster.  Doesn’t always work, though.

Examples of Words using Swype and what the keyboard picked up:

Get  =  Gery

it  = out

ah  = ask

think  =  thonk (is thonk ever a word?)

what  =  Dubai (??)

personal  =  paradiso (this is spanish, wtf…)

Get the idea?  It simply does not work as well as it should.  Can we all get on the same page here and stop believing that touchscreen keyboards are the way to go?  Quite honestly, I’d rather have a touchscreen phone with a slide out keyboard. WTF…  Motorola Cliq anyone?

  1. Hookedfishy says:

    I’ve had my iPhone for a while and haven’t had any problem. I guess I’m just blessed with petite fingers. Sorry B if that isn’t your case. Next time get yourself a cell with an actual keyboard. Lord knows, that shouldn’t be the reason for your death…

    p.s. Paradiso isn’t spanish.

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