Movie Round-Up: Losers, Break-Ups, and Oceans

Posted: April 23, 2010 by Brian in movies, RoundUp, trailers
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Is this really all we have to look forward to?

Well, a very non-exciting week in theaters this week unless you’re a fan of washed-up actresses, comic book adaptations, or National Geographic.

Wow, what a treat. J.Lo graces us once again, with her presence on the big screen.  That’s too bad no one cares anymore.  Is it me, or does it seem that J.Lo is now officially played out.  I don’t know, I’m just a little turned off since this wastrel is married to something that looks like it belongs somewhere in the middle of the human evolution chart. Not only that, she keeps doing these romantic comedies and it’s almost as if she plays the same character in all of these films, because she acts exactly the same, à la Adam Sandler.  The Backup Plan is about a girl who is getting older and realizes she isn’t married, but decides she wants to have a child anyway?  Smart move J.Lo, right on.  She decides artificial insemination is the way to go, and then meets the man of her life AFTER she finds out she’s pregnant.  See her predicament?  Filled with romantic comedy cliches, and heartless acting, this film is sure to satisfy…

Next up…

The comic book adaptation.  Although it’s received a so-so 43% Tomatometer rating on, it does look like it may deliver on a what an action movie should be.  It’s got your action, comedy, girls, and–well, action.  The thing about comic book adaptions is that they will always be scrutinized by those fans that expect the world, and those fans usually end up dissapointed when Hollywood doesn’t deliver. Remember last week’s Kick-Ass.  Kind of like that.  The Losers is about a group of special operatives turned fugitives when the people they work for believe they’ve been exposed to too much sensitive information and then are consequentially marked for death.  Zoe Saldana stars as the “bad-ass chick” who helps the fugitives fight back.  You’d think Zoe would be living off the riches from Avatar for the next 300 years, but apparently, she may not have thought Avatar would do so well. Other recognizable faces are Chris Evans (recently appointed to be the titular Captain America role) and Jeffrey Dean Morgan (the Comedian, Watchmen [2009]).

And finally, Disney wants to make a splash…

Consider this a sequel to the first installment of DisneyNature films Earth, Oceans will take you along for a wet ride to undiscovered parts of all the oceans to show you a completely different and new perspective of what global warming will destroy. By watching the trailer you’ll notice that this may seem like a glorified episode of something that belongs on Animal Planet, but Disney takes it so much further than that and delivers an underwater empyrean that most of us don’t even know exists. Filled with unbelievable footage and imagery, Oceans is sure to please the environmentalist in you, or make one out of you. No famous actors, no CG, all nature.  On top of that, a chunk of all opening weekend sales will go towards rescuing our dying coral reefs.  Pretty sweet, if you ask me.

And so, with that being said:

This week’s MiYM Movie Pick of the Week: The Losers

The Losers probably won’t make more money than its comic-book rival, Kick-Ass (under $20Mil) did in its opening week, but it is going to have the  extra ‘Oomf ‘ that Kick-Ass only wish it had.  Oceans would have been a great choice if it appealed to a larger audience, because I believe that it is more ground-breaking than any movie with CG can ever deliver.  Enjoy the weekend!


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