An Apology, a Promise, and a New Discovery

Posted: April 18, 2010 by ultimoangel in Technology
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This goes out to those awesome MIYM readers.

Angel Valdez signing on again for the first time in about a few months and I must say sorry for not posting anything in quite some time (which is stupid of me considering many things have happened lately which are pretty appropriate to blog about).  So I post this blog to apologize to y’all for not having written an entry in quite a while and to make a promise to be more active… … … Ready for it? I’m sorry.

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Now for that new discovery I was talking about. If none of you have been on let me tell you, you probably should. In only 20 minutes, I’ve discovered five different pages that really caught my eye. It’s pretty easy to do. Just go on the website, the site will ask what you’re interested in, then you make your profile which saves your settings and then you stumble away. I highly suggest this site.

Till next time, this is Angel Valdez, signing off.


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