What Ever Happened to… Pop-Up Video

Posted: April 16, 2010 by Brian in comedy, funny, music, news, What Ever Happened to...
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What!?  You don’t know what Pop-Up Video is!?  In my opinion, Pop-Up Video was one of the best shows in the 90’s on any Music Network, when music videos was what the networks mainly focused on.  It was nothing like the MTV or VH1 of today, where all you see is reality shows about dating, dysfunctional roommates, and fat and/or crackhead celebrities  At one point, Pop-Up Video was the highest rated show on VH1 before Behind The Music took that spot in 1998.  So what ever happened to the popular bubbles (or “info-nuggets”, as they were offically called) of the 90’s?

Pop-Up Video video first aired in October of 1996.  During each episode, five music videos played, selected to include new, older, “classic”, and “campy” videos. The bubbles that popped up in each video generally appeared about every 10–15 seconds; their content was divided between information about the recording artist featured, the production of the video, and random facts.  The “random” information presented in bubbles frequently included statistics and demographics, medical, scientific, and historical trivia, definitions, and lists of a wide range of subjects aimed at making each of the videos a dirty joke.

Artists such as Billy JoelJakob Dylan of The Wallflowers, and The Police, as well as others such as director Mark Pellington and Sony Music Entertainment president Tommy Mottola complained about what they perceived as harsh treatment on the show and the videos they featured in were pulled. The show’s creators called these “the Pops They Stopped”.  In contrast, some artists, including Joan Osborne and Paula Abdul, made appearances on the show to provide further information on their popped videos.

The show aired its last episode in August of 2002, but occasionally VH1 will have Pop-Up Video Weekends.  Also, if you can’t wait for these specials, you can always go to VH1 Classics to view full videos of Pop-Up Video bliss!

  1. Crazy RN says:

    I love that show !! lets bring it back!! away with the Hills and such..lame!

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