WTF: Lack of Knowledge of Driving Laws

Posted: April 15, 2010 by Brian in comedy, Emergency, funny, ignorance, WTF
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This is another one of those things that you can write an essay on, but I’m going to attempt to minimize that and give you the basics: people that don’t know basic rules of driving a vehicle.

Have you ever arrived at an intersection at the same time as another driver and you both are at a dead stop not knowing who has the right of way.  Well, how about when you’re waiting to make a left turn and the driver across from you, who has the right of way to make his right turn, has a green light, yet stops and waits for you to make a left?  WTF! This kind of shit creates confusion.  Or how about the slow driver that merges into your fast lane, and forces you to drive around him while shooting off the “stink-eye” look?  Then he/she has the nerve to look back at you like they’re doing nothing wrong!!  Ahhhh!!  The madness.  What else? Ah, yes.  The driver that has a clear shot of making a left or right turn before you, is distracted and doesn’t notice until you honk him back to consciousness, causing him/her to make the turn but only with enough time for him/her, leaving you behind the line, impatiently waiting for the next green light.  Let’s work together here people.  Let’s all take a few minutes, and skim through a DMV driving booklet, refresh our memories of any lost information regarding the operation of a motor-vehicle and the laws, and such so that we may all, one day, be able to drive stress-free.  How about them hit-and-run drivers, huh?  😉


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