Movie Round Up: Ass-kickings, a Funeral, and Fake Families

Posted: April 15, 2010 by Brian in comedy, death, funny, movies, RoundUp
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Danny Glover, Martin Lawrence and Tracy Morgan in Screen Gems' Death at a Funeral (2010)kick ass movie

This week KICK-ASS‘s slew of unlikely superheroes comes to the big screen, while Death at a Funeral, unites some of the funniest actors in a film about an American family come together to put a beloved husband and father to rest.  The underdog this week, The Joneses, has a great story behind it being pushed by talented actors.

KICK-ASS is finally here.  To me, this means nothing as I have not joined the hype about this flick, but it seems that it has become undeniably popular in the last couple months.  Aaron Johnson stars as a teen who steps out of his house one day with a mask and a painted baseball bat and starts to fight crime even though he has no superpowers. Lyndsy Fonseca co-stars as the character’s object of desire, with Nicolas Cage also appearing as an ex-cop whose hatred of a drug lord forces him to train his daughter to be a lethal vigilante while at the same time becoming one himself, and resembles another familiar superhero, Batman.  In my opinion, this film looks just okay, but again, I know there’s a good amount of people waiting for this to come out for some reason.  Based on a popular comic series, and also starring Christopher Mintz-Plasse (Superbad, Role Models).

The Joneses, convincingly makes the case that as a society, we have an almost unshakeable thirst to shop for the latest and the biggest everything, and it demonstrates how our possessions fill up the emotional hole where our self-worth should be. Given the events of the last year, there’s no doubt that we need to figure out who we want to be, not what we want to buy.  It stars David Duchovny and Demi Moore as the titular characters, who must convince their new neighborhood that they need to buy all the gadgets and luxuries that the Joneses possess.  Little do the neighbors know that the Joneses are a fake family and more like a stealthy marketing team, set out to encourage their neighbors to buy these things, because its their job.  Sort of like a living, breathing ad.  Great original story, awesome cast.

And finally, Death at a Funeral, a family puts to rest a beloved husband and father but it isn’t until the mourners gather at the family home, that shocking revelations, festering resentments, ugly threats, blackmail and a misdirected corpse unleash lethal and riotous mayhem.  Great cast too (Danny Glover, Martin Lawrence, Regina Hall, Chris Rock, Tracy Morgan, James Marsden, Zoe Saldana, Luke Wilson).  Only thing about this film is that its a remake of a quite recent film of the same name (Death at a Funeral, 2007).  Why the would decided to remake it so soon is beyond me, but at least it looks like they wanted to do it right with such a long list of great actors.

MiYM Movie Pick of the Week:  The Joneses

As much as I’d like to see Death at a Funeral, I went with The Joneses because of its original story.  Also, because its been a while since we’ve

Click to Enlargeseen Demi Moore or David Duchovny on the big screen.  Demi has always been great, and they call this one of Demi’s best performances.  And David Duchovny is great on Californication (Showtime Network), that seeing him in this familiar comedy-state will have those who are use to seeing him dawn a heavy trench coat, a la X-Files, pleasantly surprised.  Enjoy!

  1. mcarteratthemovies says:

    I’m chomping at the bit for “Kick-Ass.” McLovin’ throwin’ down and takin’ names? I’m so there!

    However, I am violently opposed to “Death at a Funeral.” The original is a lovely, charming, droll British film that DOES NOT NEED TO BE REMADE. (Sorry for the yelling. Can you tell I liked the original?) It makes me very sad that Peter Dinklage agreed to be in the remake, but I suppose an actor’s gotta eat. Guff.

    M. Carter @ the Movies

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