Tax Day Freebies!

Posted: April 14, 2010 by Brian in Uncategorized
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Tomorrow is the big day, so remember to get your taxes done by tomorrow.  I know doing your taxes can be a bit stressful, and certain food establishments notice as well.  That’s why many restaurants and coffee houses are gonna be nice on tax day and give us a little something whether you’re getting any $$$ back or not.  Here’s a list of establishments and what they’re going to offer us taxpayers on April 15th:

  • Starbucks:  Bring a reusable travel mug and get it filled for FREE all day long
  • Dunkin’ Donuts:  Don’t like Starby’s? Well get a FREE donut with your coffee.
  • Cinnabon:  Not a coffee fan at all?  You can get two FREE Sweet Cupcake bites.
  • IHOP:  Every night till April 30th, Kids Eat FREE from 4pm to 10pm
  • Jack in the Box:  For those of you who maybe read this post a little late, no need to fret. JitB is giving you FREE fries on Friday, April 16th.
  • McDonald’s:  FREE McCafe, Big Macs or Egg McMuffins (this one varies, and there are some McD’s that won’t participate, but you can always call and find out)
  • Whole Foods:  No sales tax on April 15 (check your local Whole Foods for participation)
  • P.F. Chang’s:  15% off to Dine-in and take-out customers
  • T.G.I. Fridays:  FREE $5 Bonus Bite Cards for purchases between $15-$25 (excluding alcohol)
  • There will be plenty out there for us to save money on April 15, and throughout the month of April.  Enjoy!

    1. Letty says:

      I’m broke so I’ll def hit up Dunkin and Starbucks for the free shit!

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