iPhone’s OS 4.0 Details

Posted: April 8, 2010 by Brian in Technology
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With over 100 new user features, you iPhone users may want to start saving up for your new iPhone, because not all features will be available on the 3G and below. OS 4.0 is set to release this summer.  Here are some helpful links for ya from Engadget.com:

iPhone OS 4.0 Event Live Blog (from start to finish)

Individual Sections:


Game Center (social gaming network)

Other new features:

  • Spell Check
  • Bluetooth Keyboard Support
  • User-defined Wallpapers
  • Tap to focus when recording video, just like with photos, and a 5x digital zoom for the camera
  • Playlist Creation and nested Playlists
  • App Folders. Yep, you’ll be able to sort your apps and even place folders on the dock
  • Enhanced Email!
  • iBooks (like on iPad, but smaller)
  • Enterprise features, including remote device management and wireless app distribution.

Photo Galleries:

Multitasking, Folders, Enhanced Email, Game Center, iPhone OS4 Simulator

  1. Hookedfishy says:

    As a very happy iPhone user, I’m ubber excited for Apple’s latest upgrade! I’m saving my pennies for this one. Thanks Brian for always keeping me in the loop. You rock. ❤

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