WTF: Shoe Sizes

Posted: April 6, 2010 by Brian in comedy, funny, WTF
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You know, I’ve always wondered this, especially when I go out to get a new pair of kicks.  Why the f*ck, on God’s green Earth, can’t all the shoe companies agree on some kind of Universal Shoe Size Chart so that a Size-11 Vans, will fit just as snug as a Size-11 Converse?  Why the hell am I a size 11 1/2 in Nike, a size-11 in New Balance and a size-10 in Doc Martin’s?  One time, I went out to buy some Bert and Earnie New Balance shoes for my son, and the girl asked me what size, and then stated that “they run small”.  Well, compared to what?  They run small or big depending on the comparison.  See how unnecessarily confusing this can get?  Come to think of it, the same problem exists with clothing as well.  WTF, people. WTF… Enough said, all you shoemakers need to stop messing around and focus on making everyone’s shoes the same sizes.  That should save a decent amount of time spent returning wrongly-sized shoes…  WTF…


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