WTF!? Fake Hobos

Posted: April 2, 2010 by Brian in comedy, funny, Homeless, WTF
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One of the very first posts on MiYM was a piece called “Counterfeit Hobo”(Search ‘Counterfeit Hobo’ in the box on the right).  It was about a lady who was faking to be homeless in order to get food and/or money from motorists exiting a freeway.  This still continues to baffle me as I see more and more people doing this.  Is the economy that bad?  Really?  Today, I was approached by a lady, maybe middle-eastern, asking for money in a Target parking lot… in Lakewood.  Lakewood, CA is not one of the financially deprived areas in SoCal.  It would have been more believable, I guess, if the lady wasn’t wearing designer clothes and Gucci sunglasses.  On top of all that nonsense, she was dragging her 5-year old daughter around with her, as if for a little sympathy, which also happened to be dressed up real nice.  I am a giver, in more than one way 😉 , and I usually give to those who look like they really need it, but I won’t stand for this kind of shit.  WTF people…


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