Google changes its name to…

Posted: April 1, 2010 by Brian in comedy, Technology
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…Topeka!?  Yeah, that’s right.  According to Google’s Topeka’s official blog, GoogleBlog, the company in an attempt to honor the city of Topeka, is now changing its name.  The reason to honor Topeka, Kansas you ask?  Well, simply because the mayor of Topeka officially changed the city’s name to Google.  At the moment, is still accessed through the URL, and there wasn’t any information regarding the use of a new URL.  So in the meantime, if you ever need to Google Topeka someone or something, you can still use

  1. Hookedfishy says:

    Is this a crude joke!? Seriously. I strongly dislike this change. It’s rather, simply, just dumb. Ok, I’ve said my piece. Thanks Brian.

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