Gagne’s Return to Dodgertown

Posted: February 17, 2010 by Brian in sports
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Gagne wants to wear Dodger Blue again.  General Manager Ned Colletti sent scouts to check out his game, but they have not made an offer nor decided whether or not they want to.

What’s there to think about, right?  Gagne is the the best closer in Dodger history, and even changed the fans’ habit of leaving home games early to avoid traffic in order to see “Game Over” Gagne come walking on to the field to the sound of “Welcome to the Jungle”, to finish off the game.  People love this guy.

Although Gagne has been pushing for the Dodgers to pick him up, he’s also been gunning for the Colorado Rockies. But again, no offers.  Why the lack of interest for a three-time All-Star and a a holder for baseball’s all-time record of 84 consecutive save conversions?  Let’ review shall we?

Back in 2005, Gagne had elbow surgery.  More surgery in 2005 for his back and another elbow operation, after which he left the dodgers.  In 2007,  Gagne was linked to steroids–whoops, sorry.  I mean, “performance-enhancing drugs”.  After leaving in LA, he toured the country stopping in Texas, Boston, and Milwaukee.  After pitching for the Brewers in 2008, he was let go from 2009 Spring Training with a tear in his rotator cuff which he rehabbed himself, without surgery.

So what other excuses do the Dodgers have not to pick him up?  Well, how about a full 40-man roster, including a packed bullpen–Jonathan Broxton, George Sherrill, Hong-Chih Kuo, and Ronaldo Belisario, among others.

So, does Dodgertown really want Gagne back?  Do we really need him?


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