Horrible Tattoo

Posted: February 11, 2010 by Brian in comedy
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Things like this should not go unpunished.  If I were this dude, I would’ve raised some holy hell right there in the chair, unless the guy had it done at home by some mickey-mouse artist.  Now, the guy in the chair has two options:  1) Keep the Tattoo and live with this old hag on your arm who is supposed to be his girlfriend, sister, mother, what have you or 2)  Pay for a very expensive laser removal.  Either, looks like he’s assed out.

Have any funny tattoo stories?  Share with us and leave a comment.

  1. Hookedfishy says:

    I would not be surprised that the guy in the chair is some hick that actually thinks his tat is badass. Lol. One thing I know for sure about tattoos is that they are expensive. To get it done right the FIRST time is costly. Beware if you go the “cheap” route, don’t be fooled, you’ll be paying 3 times as much… in the end.

  2. jackie majia says:

    Oh Emm Geee!!! That’s a horrible tattoo. I would go back to that tattoo artist and kick his ass and get his money back and get that shit covered up cuz it doesn’t look that deep or that dark, but man that’s a hack job from a homemade tattoo gun or he got it done in prison. DAMN sux to be that guy during summer time..LMAO..

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