Movie Review: “Precious”

Posted: February 3, 2010 by Brian in movies, Review
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At first, Precious was a film I had no intention in watching.  It didn’t seem like the type of film I could see myself enjoying.  When I found out what the film was about, I even bashed on it thinking, “Why would I want to go see a movie like this?”.  This was honestly, my point of view.  Like anything powerful though, “Precious” began winning over the masses.  At the moment, “Precious” has already won 44 awards from various film organizations and associations, and was nominated for 58total.  That doesn’t include the six Oscar nominations under it’s belt at the moment.  “Precious” may very well be my favorite film of 2009.

The film is based on the novel Push by Saphire.  A short read, but very entertaining.  In the film, you are transported to a 1986 Harlem neighborhood where Claireese “Precious” Jones lives a poor, dysfunctional life.  Still dealing with mom’s physical abuse, dad’s sexual abuse, which is also father to her daughter, and her son who is one the way, Precious decides to go to an alternative school to help with her illiteracy problems.  Throughout the film, you feel for such pain for Precious, whether you’ve ever been in her shoes or not.  Gabourney Sidibe, who plays the role of Precious, gives such a powerful performance in the film.  Mo’Nique, who also stars in the film as Precious’ mother, Mary, also gave, in my opinion(and I’m sure others will agree), the best performance of her film career.  She should really try and land more roles like this instead of her usual comedic roles.  Both actresses had this guy tearing up multiple times during the film.  Other great performances were provided by Lenny Kravitz and Mariah Carey.

All in all, “Precious” is an exceptional film and I feel foolish for ever judging it the way I did.  “Gabby” Sidibe definitely has a career ahead of her, and we wish her and the whole crew all the luck when it comes time for Oscars.  Although, I doubt they’ll need it.

MiYM Rating: 9.5/10


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