Avatar Sequel

Posted: January 27, 2010 by Brian in movies, Review
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What? Yeah, that’s right! The sequel! With numbers like $1.85Billion, are you honestly surprised? Word is, according to cinemablend.com, that the Avatar crew has signed new three and five year contracts, suggesting a sequel is already in pre-production. A couple things here. “Avatar” took Cameron 15 years to make, but the crew is signing 3 and 5 year contracts? Well, that’s easily explained. A lot of research went in to making the first film. The world of Pandora, the new revolutionary CG, all take time. I mean, Cameron had a linguist develop a brand new language for the film. That’s gotta take a minute or two right? Now that Pandora and everything in it has been created, it shouldn’t take too much to fill in the blanks for a sequel, right? Who knows, but if the rumor is true, by all means, PLEASE march forward! The 150-minute running time of Avatar felt more like watching a thirty-minute episode of Tom & Jerry. It just leaves you wanting SO much more!


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