As of late Monday night, “Avatar” becomes the the highest grossing movie (globally), of all time sinking Cameron’s previous record for “Titanic”. The film, currently, has racked upward of about $1.85Billion, just over $500 million of that is domestic. Predictions are that it will become the highest grossing movie in the US later this week. What!? Haven’t seen it yet!? Shame on you! Shame!

Today, the sun was out just briefly in the morning but quickly darkened as clouds took over the skies. By about 3pm in LA, the water began to flow once again. Luckily, this will only be a short rainfall, with only 20% chance of rain for Wednesday. If the rain keeps coming I might have to invest in a boat…

Nick Jonas and The Administration will be playing at The Wiltern starting today, 1/26/2010, through Saturday 1/30/2010. Can’t find any more tickets (I doubt it)? Check for cheap tickets, starting at $8. Wow!

Let’s hear it for Los Angelenos! The 101 Freeway is officially now the worst congested freeway, during rush hour, in the nation, according the And all this time, I thought people were evacuating Los Angeles because of the earthquakes..

Still looking for spots around Southern California with abnormally-sized food for our Meat in Your Mouth Food Challenge #2. Know of any, send us a comment! Gimme Meat dammit!


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