Rob Pattinson, the next Spidey?

Posted: January 19, 2010 by Brian in movies
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According to, Robert Pattinson has been rumored to play the famous web slinger in the next installment of the the Spider-Man 4 franchise. Earlier this week, Tobey Maguire stepped out of the blue and red spandex suit and officially dropped out of the project over script issues. reported that per James Vanderbilt, the screenwriter who is in charge of the new script had tipped Pattinson on playing the Parker Character.

I don’t know how Pattinson will fit into the Spidey character, and quite honestly, I don’t like the direction the new Spider-Man film is going, but you never know. Batman Begins worked just fine, and who would of ever thought that scrawny ol’ Tobey Maguire would play a perfect hero. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

  1. hookedfishy says:

    I for one am a big fan of Robert, but I honestly can’t see him as spidey. Time will tell if this leak is true and if it will all work out smoothly.

    P.S. The pic you’ve chosen is of Robert is wonderful!

  2. Karla says:

    Oh…that’s just EEWWW! Thanks for the heads up. I’ll be staying away from Spiderman 4 then.

    • B Me says:

      Well, even if they don’t get RobPat for the part, the whole new look of the film and the fact that it’s gonna be another origin movie (basically, part 1 all over again but sort of like they did with Batman Begins, and Christian Bale) is a little sketchy. They’re gonna go for a gritty sort of look, and I don’t know how fans will respond to that. We’ll just wait and see. Thanks for the comment!

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