Meat in Your Mouth Challenge #1 Results

Posted: January 18, 2010 by Brian in comedy, food, funny, Restaurant Review
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January 17, 2010. The rain began to fall, as the clouds grew darker. A chilling wind wisped through the streets on this lonely little hill, where my compadre Takis and I were to slay the beast only know as “Manny’s Special”.

Takis arrived before I did, hoping to take on this animal on his own. I warned him of the consequences if he failed. He battled Manny for a good 30 minutes before falling to the Special’s feet, begging for mercy. I was informed that my good friend Takis had failed. I relieved him of his duties as he made his way home. I arrived promptly after Takis’ demise and began my battle with Manny. The beast emerged from his lair. 5 1/2 pounds of what seemed like an easy task made its way to my table and then I saw it. It was about 14 inches in length, 5 inches thick, and that didn’t include the extra toppings that easily added another two inches. What man, in his right mind, would have the courage (or the stomach) to take on such an abomination of a meal. “I am that man”, I thought as I took the first bite. Several bites later and I began to feel my breath shortening. Could it be that I was falling prisoner to Manny. “NO!”, I thought. I pushed forth, as I continued chipping away. A quick 20 minutes later, I began to feel the fatigue and was afraid I would not have the strength to outdo the Special. Sure enough, after only finishing about a third of this massive canoe, I gave up. I could no longer fit anymore, not even to save my own life. Manny conquered another victim.

Takis was able to finish at least half of Manuel’s Chile Verde Special, and like I said before I only finished a third. But what an experience. The food, although a definite challenge, was very tasty and portions were obviously plentiful for the money. My Manuel’s Special rang in at $16.75 being the most expensive on the tab. But one this is for sure: I’m not having to buy or make any food for myself for at least three days with the leftovers I took home.

The cafe itself is very homely, and no bigger than a large living room, only seating about 20-25 people inside with an optional outdoor patio. But not even the rain stopped burrito lovers from coming down. We waited a quick 20 minutes outside before even stepping into the cafe. Once, inside the staff was very friendly. I was waiting for Manny to come out himself and offer me a shot of tequila, but no such luck. Sitting on top of a small hill in the East of Los Angeles, between several little streets, El Tepeyac Cafe is the epitome of “Hole in the Wall” dining. A very pleasureful experience, indeed. Just remember, go hungry and with plenty of time to wait.

El Tepeyac Cafe
812 N Evergreen Ave
Los Angeles, CA

  1. hookedfishy says:

    Great challenge! Can’t wait to read up on future ones. Do not be discouraged B. For there are far more men out there that don’t even challenge Manny. Enjoy the leftovers!! ☺

    • B Me says:

      Thanks for the encouraging words fishy. I do not regret challenging Manny, even though it was one heck of a defeat. The food was delicious, and I WILL enjoy my leftovers for the next week or so. Thanks for reading and for the comment. 😀


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