Meat in Your Mouth Challenge #1: “Manny’s Special” at El Tepeyac Cafe, Los Angeles, CA

Posted: January 16, 2010 by Brian in food, funny
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After watching an episode of Man V Food last night, I was inspired to go find El Tepeyac Cafe and conquer the beast named, “Manny’s Special”.

During the episode, I caught a glimpse of what I plan to shovel down my throat. And I’ll tell you, it is not gonna be an easy feat.

Manny’s Special:
2 Burrito Size Flower Tortillas, packed with mounds of rice and beans, El Tepeyac’s Chili Verde pork, wrapped up, topped off with lots of cheese, and more Chili Verde, for a grand total weight of 5 pounds of Burrito Heaven.

Now, I’m not a real hefty guy. I’m only 5’6″, and 200 lbs. But I’ve managed the One Pounder WITH toppings at FuddRuckers with ease, I’m confident I can take on the “Special”. Joining me on Sunday, the 17th day of January, will be my esteemed colleague, Takis, and his massive multiple stomachs. I do not fear for his safety, either. For I am completely confident that he can conquer the Special as well.

Together we will ride, along with our loved ones, to El Tepeyac so that they may witness the conquering of Manny’s Special or witness the faces of failure if we do not succeed.


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