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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner now. To commemorate we’ve put up our festive new header. Also, as the title of the post implies, the number 50 is a very important number for MiYM. Two reason: First, our Facebook page is only one fan away from having 50 fans (which is 48 more than I ever thought we would have), and second, we are getting close to 50 posts on the! It’s only been a few months, and between the two of us, having jobs (well, Takis, at least) and families to tend to, we were still able to pump out 50 of these things. And of course, we’ll be posting a lot more than 50 posts plus the podcasts are coming. I promise, this time fo’ real.

So enjoy our new header for the rest of the Month of Love, and keep coming back to read. Don’t be afraid to leave comments and feedback. It’s the only way we’ll ever know where to go from here. Thanks again. Happy Valentines Day!


Meat in Your Mouth Expands!

Posted: January 27, 2010 by Brian in comedy, funny, movies, Review
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Starting today, you can simply type to come to the site. Also, we’ve made necessary upgrades and adjustments to begin recording our podcasts! Yes, I know it’s been a while since I mentioned podcasts but they’re finally coming into fruition. Stay tuned to keep yourself in the loop! Thank you loyal MeatHeads, for sticking around long enough to see this happen!

Avatar Sequel

Posted: January 27, 2010 by Brian in movies, Review
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What? Yeah, that’s right! The sequel! With numbers like $1.85Billion, are you honestly surprised? Word is, according to, that the Avatar crew has signed new three and five year contracts, suggesting a sequel is already in pre-production. A couple things here. “Avatar” took Cameron 15 years to make, but the crew is signing 3 and 5 year contracts? Well, that’s easily explained. A lot of research went in to making the first film. The world of Pandora, the new revolutionary CG, all take time. I mean, Cameron had a linguist develop a brand new language for the film. That’s gotta take a minute or two right? Now that Pandora and everything in it has been created, it shouldn’t take too much to fill in the blanks for a sequel, right? Who knows, but if the rumor is true, by all means, PLEASE march forward! The 150-minute running time of Avatar felt more like watching a thirty-minute episode of Tom & Jerry. It just leaves you wanting SO much more!

As of late Monday night, “Avatar” becomes the the highest grossing movie (globally), of all time sinking Cameron’s previous record for “Titanic”. The film, currently, has racked upward of about $1.85Billion, just over $500 million of that is domestic. Predictions are that it will become the highest grossing movie in the US later this week. What!? Haven’t seen it yet!? Shame on you! Shame!

Today, the sun was out just briefly in the morning but quickly darkened as clouds took over the skies. By about 3pm in LA, the water began to flow once again. Luckily, this will only be a short rainfall, with only 20% chance of rain for Wednesday. If the rain keeps coming I might have to invest in a boat…

Nick Jonas and The Administration will be playing at The Wiltern starting today, 1/26/2010, through Saturday 1/30/2010. Can’t find any more tickets (I doubt it)? Check for cheap tickets, starting at $8. Wow!

Let’s hear it for Los Angelenos! The 101 Freeway is officially now the worst congested freeway, during rush hour, in the nation, according the And all this time, I thought people were evacuating Los Angeles because of the earthquakes..

Still looking for spots around Southern California with abnormally-sized food for our Meat in Your Mouth Food Challenge #2. Know of any, send us a comment! Gimme Meat dammit!

In the nature of keeping our Meat in Your Mouth Food Challenges going, we’re looking for a new locations for our Challenge #2. Someone mentioned to me The Mission Cafe in San Diego that serves up some monster pancakes, and some giant burgers being served up North in Walnut Creek at Gordo’s Gourmet Burgers. Finding local spots though, has become somewhat of a challenge. So if you know of some good eating spots around the Greater Los Angeles Area, and would like us to check them out, please send us your comments!

We’ll be looking forward to your finds!

Experts say we haven’t had this much rain since the downpours of 2005, but the worst is yet to come. Los Angeles’ foothills have been evacuated due to mud slides, and there has already been one death, a man killed by a fallen tree that crashed into his home while he was sleeping, all due to the torrential showers that recently slammed LA. But the worst is yet to come.

According to a weather expert, the “big hit” will be Wednesday and Thursday. Mayor Villaraigosa urges, “if you don’t have to be on the road, then why don’t you stay home”. Easier said than done. A lot of my fellow water men drive for a living. But great advice nonetheless.

According to, Robert Pattinson has been rumored to play the famous web slinger in the next installment of the the Spider-Man 4 franchise. Earlier this week, Tobey Maguire stepped out of the blue and red spandex suit and officially dropped out of the project over script issues. reported that per James Vanderbilt, the screenwriter who is in charge of the new script had tipped Pattinson on playing the Parker Character.

I don’t know how Pattinson will fit into the Spidey character, and quite honestly, I don’t like the direction the new Spider-Man film is going, but you never know. Batman Begins worked just fine, and who would of ever thought that scrawny ol’ Tobey Maguire would play a perfect hero. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.