Shooting Down the Water Men

Posted: November 12, 2009 by Brian in Uncategorized

Wow, what a day it’s been. As if my days weren’t chalk full of information, stress, and tasks, today was very intense.

For the past week or so, a few of us at work have been talking about forming a Union between the drivers because of the mistreatment, overwork/underpay situation, and the lack of respect. We were scheduled to meet with a Local Teamster in Carson, CA to talk about the situation and what they can do for us, if anything. As of last night, we had 50% of the drivers ready for battle against the corporate slave drivers, and then we came in to work.

As we pull into the driveway to the branch, we notice several highly recognizable vehicles that are usually driven by the big wigs. As we walk into the branch, there are signs posted everywhere that simply read, “Meeting @ 7am”. Nothing proper, no details. The signs were hand-written which, to me, indicated it was a last-minute decision. We all had an idea what we were going to hear. I texted Takis around 6:48am with, “Wait till you come into work. Prepare for battle”. I’m sure that freaked him out. The meeting began and, of course, they began talking about the negative side of Unions. On a regular day, we usually clock in at 7am, and we’re out of the branch by 7:40am, latest. Today, it was 7:48am, and we had just walked out to begin our morning process.

These guys came in to talk to us and let us know that they were there for us if we needed anything and that things shouldn’t be so bad that we need a third-party representative. Well, I’ll tell you what: THINGS ARE THAT BAD.

Out of the 50% of the guys that were ready for this, we probably lost about 5%. And although, a lot of us were shaken up by this intervention, I sincerely hope we can all gather ourselves up, and hold the line. We need to continue to move forward, even when it may seem that it won’t yield any results. We may never know what this change may hold for us if we stop in our tracks.


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