Memory Lane

Posted: November 8, 2009 by Brian in Uncategorized

Being on Facebook, and seeing all the old friends I have on their, tends to bring back a lot of memories. Once recent memory has been burned into the grooves of my brain and I thought I’d share. Back in 1993, a little game was getting real popular among the school kids. It was the latest fad that most of were into, and some of us were obsessed over. It was a little milk cap game known simply as Pogs.

I remember in 1993, during my last year at Buford Elementary, a few friends of mine and I went to the World Pog Federation Southern California Pog Tournament at Knott’s Berry Farm. They gave away limited edition Pogs and I can’t remember well, but I believe I got up to the Semi-Finals in the tournament. Alex, Chuck, and David all did better than me.

The game was pretty simple enough for anyone to quickly learn. But it would take some time to master the throw of the slammer. Kids would have these “Poison” slammers that would have specific attributes to them. Or how about the Fat Slammers? Anyone remember those? They were the size of about three slammers stacked on top of one another. The Good Ol’ Days.

I wonder how hard it would be to try to bring back Pogs. Alex, Chuck, and Dave: You with me?


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