Jury Duty Part 1

Posted: October 26, 2009 by Brian in comedy

Off I go to the Long Beach Courthouse. Made sure I brought plenty of
snacks, reading/writing material, and my ipod. Its gonna be a great

I wish that was the case. This morning I really didn't want to get up,
despite the fact that had gotten almost two extra hours of sleep since I
wasn't going to work. I finished getting ready and started looking for
backpack stuffers for my arduous journey into the judicial system.
Snacks, I found some bland Granola Bars that have been played out from
being taken on numerous daily rounds to work. I say "rounds" because
they always seem to come back to the house with me. Reading Material, I
could not find some decent magazines at the store last night to save my
life. I setttled for National Geographic's Adventure mag with the main
article being: "How to Survive (almost) Anything". I wonder if they
have a bit on Jury Duty. And finally, a little entertainment. I
brought my iPod along just to later realize, on may way there, that it
was dead. Not even the slightest red sliver of juice left.

So with that said, my day so far seems to be headed for disaster. I'll
get through the magazine in less than an hour with nothing left to do
but observe the other hapless folks, hoping they give me something
interesting to blog about later.


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