iPad. Do you?

Posted: October 26, 2009 by Brian in Femine Products, PMS, Vagina

Last night, I had to run an errand that some guys dread doing. I
personally don't mind doing it. But its something that will usually
have to be done at least once a month. That's right. Im talking making
a pad-run. Or tampon-run for those with adventurous wives or

Like I said, I usually don't mind this task. But last night, the
situation got a little hairy. No pun intended. When I go, its usually
in and out for me. Last night though, I also had to shop for a magazine
for today's Jury Duty. So I walk into my local Walgreens, browsed for
the specific brand, length, and thickness (some guys may already be
cringing as they read this). I found it, but I also found the same pad
in a costco-size package. In an attempt to save money I picked it up,
and off to the magazines I went. "This thing is huge", I thought to
myself as I noticed it's near 2 ft. length. "Maybe I should've looked
for my mag first before I picked up this behemoth, attention-grabbing
beast. Now, I stood in the magazine aisle with this huge pack of pads,
and of course I couldn't find a magazine I wanted. This thing became a
little embarrasing to be seen with, so I placed it on the floor about 3
feet away from me, to convince any passer by that it didn't belong to
me. After about 5 minutes, I grabbed a magazine and my pack and off to
the checkstands, "One more obstacle before I make it out".

Normally, the small pack can be hidden at my side when standing in
line. This thing was a boogie board, and was a little more difficult to
hide. I tried using the magazine to conceal it, but it only made the
magazine look like a pocket bible. Eventually, I made it out, and got

I think from now on, I'll stick to the regular size packs. Unless you, your wife or girlfriend happen to be the only women with a set of periodically menstruating vaginas, she will never need that many pads. Ever.


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