Foot in my mouth!!!

Posted: October 23, 2009 by Brian in comedy, death

I like to consider myself a pretty nice guy. Im also sure people get that same impression (hopefully). But once in a while, like any other person , i have blonde moments. Today while at a senior retirement home i found myself having a nice conversation with a nice older lady. We were just chatting away at how weird this weather is changing. But when it came time to say our goodbyes (thank god, it was 3:oo and i still had like 18 stops left) i said, “Ok ma’am take care of yourself, i hope your around next time im here”. Yea i know what a dick right? Its not what u think. It wasn’t meant as take care of yourself ill see you next time if your still alive. What i meant was; i hope your around next time im here because you weren’t home the last few times that i was there. But after leaving her place i felt like the biggest a-hole in the world. Not to sure that she picked up on my mistake because she replied with a simple “yes dear, be safe driving out there”. So was what i said a simple mistake? Or am i the biggest A-hole in the world? ime know. So shortly after this happened i called good ol carl. He responded with just a :sigh:, followed by a wow ur an asshole. Thinking he would find some humor in the situation, he didnt. So am i jerk????

  1. Carl says:

    Well, wait a minute here. I understood that you told this lady "I hope to see you next time". To me, that sounded like sexual harrassement. And I didn't catch that she was an old lady. I don't think your an asshole. LoL. You were just tired, as we all were today.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I liked this story, I'll be telling this to the other RN's on the floor with me this weekend. Don't worry 'Carl' had his 'WANNA GET AWAY?!' moment too, and I was there to witness it, hope he blogs about it someday very funny

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