History Behind MiYM

Posted: October 22, 2009 by Brian in History

In addition to the premier post, I forgot to include a little bit of history behind MiYM and our Aliases. Actually, Takis here did explain his alias and the origin of mine is somewhat similar. The reason I took up this nickname, like Takis here, is my obsession with a new burger from the Carl’s Jr restaurant chain, the Big Carl. I introduced Takis to it and would obsess to him about it so much that the name just came naturally. Come to think of it, the reason itself, is pretty senseless but it is what it is?

The title of “Meat in Your Mouth” came along during one of our work days, when Takis anticipated needing help with his route that day. He eventually asked me for help and I responded with, “Dude, if I’m gonna go out and help you, you’re gonna have to buy me lunch”. I’m sure both he and I knew what I wanted for “lunch”. Takis said, “If that’s what it takes, I will put some meat in your mouth.” That sparked a 5 minute laughing period between the two of us, because that obviously did not sound right. We had joked about this ever since then and when we finally decided to start blogging, we ran through many ideas for names but finally settled with “Meat in Your Mouth”.

So, there you have it folks. MiYM is born and we are confident that we will grow. We only ask that you give us any kind of feedback you can possibly give. Good, bad, and the ugly.

How did that taste?


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