Posted: October 22, 2009 by Brian in Uncategorized

Well hello all, please excuse my dousche bag partner (very rude). Let me start of by introducing myself. My name is “Takis” (known for my love of takis chips (yum!) Im a 25 year old guy that would like to share my daily thoughts with the world. We spend our days on the road and notice the many different quirks of the the Los Angeles public. As we all know its a huge city full of different people. And dude, do we see some funny shit that we would love to share with u and think u would find funny. From time to time we’ll toss out some movie reviews and some music and video game reviews, but thats just a few of the things that we will have for u. We hope that you enjoy our words of wisdom and soon you will have the privilege of listening to our podcast once we get our small brains together and figure out how to do it, later

p.s. Dont let my pal over here fool u with his proper typing skills, ill even it out with my non typing skills

  1. Carl says:

    Dousche Bag? Is that how its spelled? Nonetheless, I'm offended. Do you know what that is?? Sick bastard.

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